Nikosia City
Cyprus, Nicosia District

About Nikosia City

Nicosia, known locally as Lefkosia (Greek: Λευκωσία, Turkish: Lefkoşa), is the capital and largest city of Cyprus. Located on the River Pedieos and situated almost in the centre of the island. It is the only big city on Cyprus which doesnt have exit to the sea, it is located at approximately 155 m above sea level.


Nicosia is located on extensive Mesaoria plain in the centre of Cyprus, between mountain ridges of Troodos and Cyrenia. Nicosia is not far from the river Akaka.
Nicosia has a borderline Mediterranean climate/Semi-arid climate with long, hot and dry summers with relatively wet and cool winters.


The major historical monuments are located in the old part of the Nicosia city where demarcation line passes dividing Cyprus on Greek and Turkish. Although the city has been destroyed more than once by conquerors, there are still enough leftovers to enjoy the past. History is most strikingly experienced at the Venetian city wall, which was constructed between 1567 and 1570.
Cyrenian Gates (Porta del Proveditore). Have been named in honour of military engineer Proveditore Francesco Barbaro. Cyrenian Gates were operating collars in a wall till 1931 when British have constructed road on the opposite side.
Bastion Musalla (Barbaro). This bastion was occupied by Turkish armed forces. Nevertheless its building houses Museum of National Struggle which is free for visiting to all interested persons.
Bastion Cevizli (Loradano). Recently opened Ankara Caglayan Park is in the ditch that surrounds this bastion.
Bastion Sibeli (Flatro). Tourists cants come close to this bastion since it is occupied by the United Nations. To continue movement further tourists should to return to one of two points for crossing of a green line (the nearest point - Lokmaci).
Bastion Caraffa. Melina Mercouri Hall settles down here.
Gates of Famagusta (Porta Giuliani). The gates named in honour of its architect Giulio Savorgnano, brother Ascanio. These gates are probably the best remained among all three gates. Today their premise is used as the cultural centre and for various holidays celebrations.
Bastion Podocatro. The Monument of Freedom representing bronze figures of people, leaving of a dungeon. Nearby there is a section of an aqueduct which once delivered in a city water from mountains.
Bastion Constance (Constanza). Here in 1570 Turks storming the city have broken the defence. Now the mosque Bayraktar is located here.
Bastion D'Avila. In this bastion the municipality building is located. Freedom square (Plateia Eleftherias) is located nearby. This is traditional place for gathering of Greeks-Cypriotes. Nearby there is an area under Laiki Geitonia name.
Bastion Tripoli. This bastion is used as a parking and a bus stop.
Pafos Gate (Porta San Domenico). These gates are named in honour of a Luzinjan monastery which settles down nearby. This monastery has been taken down by Venetians in 1567 during construction of walls. In vicinities there is a Church of Sacred Catholic Cross. It completely the neutral earth. The input is on the Greek party, and an exit (which it is reliably closed) - on a Turkish part. The nearest transition through the Green Line is in the street Ledra.
Roccas Bastion. This bastion settles down on the Turkish part. It has been transformed into the park.
Bastion Zahra (Mula). From here it is possible to look downwards - into place with a ditch. In this place the Green Line is the widest. It is finished by a survey post of the United Nations (though, today it is used seldom).
Bastion Cephane (Quirni). In this bastion the Palace of the President of Northern Cyprus settles down. Further on a circle there are Cyrenian Gates.

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